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About Focus Blondie

Focus Blondie is an organization devoted to the discussion, preservation, and production of the arts in all forms. We believe the arts play a significant and irreplaceable role in the foundation and longevity of a free and modern society. It is our goal to nurture, not only, the art of the past but also the young artists of the future.

The Players

Laken Bowles

Picture of Laken Bowles

“There is no one absolutely essential truth for all people… every time I look at a coin, I instinctively want to look at the other side.”
–Peter Jennings

Laken is an “old soul.” Her love for the arts started at a young age and was nurtured by her parents through her youth. Always fascinated with film, she began immersing herself in the Golden Era of Hollywood. Discovering classics like The Best Man with Henry Fonda and some cult-classics like A Thousand Clowns with Jason Robards. Her love for these actors leads to her exploring their stage careers which connected her to the theaters of New York.

Laken pursued her love of the arts into college where she concentrated on film and documentary production. While earning her Bachelor’s degree, she worked in television production where she produced awards shows and news broadcasts. She was soon recognized for her work during an internship and hired as a digital content producer for a high-ranking CBS-affiliate station. While working in television, Laken’s pursuit of the truth and her impeccable attention to detail lead to her first Emmy nomination.

Laken currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee where she continues her efforts to preserve and document the great histories of the world.

Rusty Johnson

Picture of Rusty Johnson

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”
–Pablo Picasso

Rusty has always had a natural affinity for the arts. Being disabled, he knew he would never be an athlete like all the other kids in his small hometown so he turned to the arts. His mother was a ceramic artist throughout the early years of his childhood giving him an innate desire to create.

It was an after-school daycare program that first gave him the opportunity to dive into the arts for himself. Through this program, Rusty took part in plays and learned to paint. Although his work was not the best of the class, this experience laid the groundwork for what would come. Music would also play a huge role during Rusty’s youth and ultimately lead to him pursuing a degree in radio. During his collegiate career, however, he discovered theatre, video, and film. This quickly evolved into a concentration in editing and live production.

Rusty is still true to his creative roots today. As a freelance production specialist in the Shreveport, Louisiana area he regularly works with local organizations to plan and execute live events.