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Attacking the Devil

The power of the press is often taken for granted in the United States. In times when world leaders attack the press and attempt to discredit them, we must remember why the press is important and why it must be free. I was recently reminded of this fact with a documentary currently available on NetflixAttacking the Devil: Harold Evans and the Last Nazi War Crime is an intriguing look at the struggle of the British media and their coverage of the victims of thalidomide in the United Kingdom.

Thalidomide was promoted as a worldwide cure for morning sickness. It was effective, however, the side effects were disastrous for countless expectant families. The documentary follows Sir Harold Evans, the editor of the Sunday Times, and his pursuit of justice for the victims of this national tragedy in the U.K..

No spoilers here but suffice to say the investigative journalism of Evans and his team shook the foundations of British law. In a world that loathes and mistrusts journalists, Attacking the Devil is a testament to the necessity of a free press. It is an hour and forty-one minutes that you do not want to miss.

For more information about the documentary check out their website at

“What a glorious opportunity for attacking the devil.” –W.T. Stead


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